GameOn III game developer conference – power of sharing knowledge
30 August 2017

English philosopher Francis Bacon once said that “knowledge is power”. He probably never imagined that this idea will live on for centuries after his death. This statement is especially true for game developers. Almost every day hundreds of new games make their way to digital and physical stores but only few stand out from the crowd with original design, unique features and polished details. But what makes or breaks a game? This and similar questions will be answered at “GameOn III” game developers conference on September 16-17 at the congress and exhibition centre “LITEXPO”, Lithuania.


Knowledge for game developers

New and experienced game developers will be able to power themselves for the new challenges with some of the greatest names in the industry. Tomek Gop is definitely one of them, he worked on first two “Witcher” games, “Lords of the Fallen” and now “Ancestors”. During GameOn he will tell about how “Destructive Creations” wrote a story for “Ancestors” that is inspired by real historical events, and yet still flavored it with fictional characters, to add its own twists onto the narrative layer.

Game narrative topic about will be expanded by Wojciech Pazdur, head of “The Farm 51” studio. “Get Even” is the newest game from this studio which attempts to build its own approach to handling narratives. The goal of the project was to create a unique tale that couldn’t be told in any other medium than a video game. Wojciech Pazdur will share how his team approached challenges and obstacles during its 3-year development cycle.

Ilari Kuittinen is another big name in “GameOn III” game developer conference. He is a CEO of “Housemarque” and has been managing the award-winning Finnish game studio for over 20 years. “Housemarque” has created several award-winning hits over the years including “Nex Machina”, “Resogun”, “Alienation”, “Super Stardust HD”, “Outland” and “Dead Nation”. During his keynote, Ilari will share his ultimate guide to becoming a master indie developer.

Indie developers will love to hear Lance James’ from “Versus Evil” presentation about taking risks with indie game development. Lance will talk about game developers’ successes and failures focused on following their ideas, creativity, and passions to make great games.

Many other great game developers will grace “GameOn III” developers conference with their presence. Speakers from companies like “Two Tribes“, “Vile Monarch“, “Landfall” and many others will share their power with all the guests willing to learn more about the art of making games.


Knowledge for marketing professionals

Developing a breath-taking game is only the beginning. Most of the game developers believe that good game is enough to get noticed in a world of oversaturated game stores, but that is far from the truth. Games marketing and monetization is as important as the development itself. GameOn III conference will have you covered on these topics as well.

Teddy Florea is a real industry rock star, currently managing one of Europe’s largest game developers conference “Nordic Game”. His presentation will focus on the best marketing tools available for securing game visibility leading to investments. Relying on qualitative data and in-depth interviews, this interactive session will aim at bettering the methodological approach taken by a developer studio in order to maximize their chances of securing round one funding.

Audra McIver from “Plan of Attack” will also bring her 14+ years of experience in games marketing field. According to her, it‘s important that developers understand how to position and market their games and secure attention from press and influencers for their projects. Her session will focus on the aspects of marketing which must be considered and planned for in order to get the game the attention it deserves.

If you already have a successful game but are struggling to earn money from it, you shouldn‘t miss Viacheslav Utochkin keynote about monetization campaigns. Previously Vyacheslav collaborated during the launch of multiplayer tank action game “Armored Warfare”, operated popular, client based Russian MMORPG “Perfect World”, browser based shooter “Boomz” and many other games.


Knowledge for everyone

Next to game developer conference “GameOn III” will host another conference for those who are not interested in game development but are willing to learn more about games in general. “We All Play” conference will cover topics like VR and AR, games as a tool for social change and so on. “GameOn III” hopes to inspire new developers, and to show games in a different light to people previously not interested in this topic.

GameOn III will happen on September 16-17th in Lithuania, Vilnius.

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