Long Lines At GameOn Expo: A Sign Of A Growing Industry
14 February 2017

The longest lines to have stretched from the “Litexpo” exposition center (Vilnius, Lithuania) were a sign that “GameOn 2016” show would be a smashing success. A real gamer always wants to be first, and this year, more than 14,000 people wanted to be first ones to see the event.


Growing twice the size in one year

Last year’s “GameOn” surprised everyone by attracting over 7,000 visitors. This number was far surpassed by the visitor numbers in this year’s show: it hosted over 14,000 attendees. Jonas Brazys, the organizer of the event, thinks that family participation had a lot to do with it: “This year, we wanted to showcase more games meant for the entire family, to show that games are a part of every family. We created a special family zone and there the visitors could see not only video games, but also the hottest stuff in tabletop gaming, try their hand at robot duels or even engage in some RC car soccer.

“Neighboring countries had also heard about our previous event, so that gave a massive boost in popularity. The e-sport tournament participant list is an another proof of the international reach of the show: we had participants from the 3 Baltic countries back in 2015, but this year, we received applications from 40 countries.“
Lithuanian teams took the lead in the e-sport tournaments this year. “Gameplay DNA” team was triumphant in a “League of Legends” tournament, while “VwS Gaming” only narrowly lost the “Counter-Strike” tournament cup to the Danish “Alpha Gaming”. The teams got to share a record prize of 10,000 euros – twice as large as the last year!


2017 will be even more epic!

This year’s “GameOn” proved that interest in gaming culture is not only not diminishing, but even increasing. “GameOn 2016” put gamers and tabletop-enthusiasts, e-sports fans, game developers, cosplayers and those not touched by gaming under one roof. Organizers expect that the next year will witness an even bigger event.
“We’re going to return to “Litexpo” next year. We have learned lessons from the issues we had next year, so everything will go smoother. Besides, Litexpo will have expanded in 2017, as two exposition areas are under reconstruction. This will give us the pleasant challenge of trying to get even more participants in the show” said Jonas.


Under The Gaze of the Industry

Despite its relative youth, “GameOn” has attracted the attention of the big publishing houses. The organizers say that people from “Blizzard”, “Riot Games” and “Madfinger Games” visited the show.
“Ours is a young, but growing event, and this lets us grab the attention of the major producers” opined Jonas Brazys. “This year’s event left a good impression on our guests and some have already promised to return in 2017.”

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