About GameOn

Who are we?

The team of avid gamers, game developers, journalists and esports enthusiasts was formed around our first event in 2015 to establish a high-quality expo in Lithuania. Since then we have grown into a full-fledged gaming agency

What do we do?

Our team organizes various gaming related events: The expo, esports events, fan gatherings, game launch parties and more. But not only that! We build and nourish various gaming related projects dedicated to spreading the word about the beauty of the games industry.

Why do we do it?

We want to help the Lithuanian and Baltic games community grow and see it flourish. Bringing together creators and fans, helping the local industry to evolve by bringing international success stories, businesses and people to learn from right to their doorstep.

We love games and have been working in this industry for years, so we see it as our duty to represent them towards society as what they are: innovation, art, culture, fun!

What are we hoping to achieve?

For our visitors, we want to create the best possible experience introducing them to the most amazing gadgets and games our industry has to offer. For our business partners, we hope to create the best possible environment to advance their growth. Our goal is to cater your business needs when you choose to come to GameOn. Your brand or a game should be represented in the best way possible and we take it as a personal challenge to do so.


Date: November 2-3
Location: Litexpo, Vilnius


Date: September 16-17
Location: Litexpo, Vilnius
Visitors: 16.000


Date: October 29-30
Location: Litexpo, Vilnius
Visitors: 14.000


Date: October 31
Location: Siemens Arena, Vilnius
Visitors: 7.000

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