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One of the fastest internet speeds in Europe and a mindset of pushing technology and start-ups forward are what fuels this beautiful country.

Lithuania is known to be obsessed with high-quality video games and boasts strong traditions in the region. Lithuanian Global Game Jams attendance is second largest in the world (counting attendees per capita, 2017), and it’s the only country in the Baltics, that has almost a dozen of dedicated video game media outlets published in the local language.

From IT to games

There are more than 28 000 IT specialists in Lithuania and 500+ of these are working in the games industry.

Industry growth

In 2017 Lithuania had 28 game development companies. According to 2018 statistics, this number has grown rapidly over the past year and reached 37.

Learning games

Lithuania has a lot of potential talent. We have 2 full game development study programs and 6 game development courses at Lithuanian universities and colleges.

Huge success story

The first big hit that received worldwide recognition is quite recent and has seen hours and hours of video and live stream content produced with its gameplay. The wobbly success story we are talking about is Human: Fall Flat, released in 2016.

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