GameOn rules


1. Terms and general provisions

1.1. Terms

  • Organizer – UAB „TeleSoftas“
  • Website – or
  • Rules – the rules and obligations of participants of the event and users of the website
  • Event– gaming culture event GameOn 2018, that will happen in Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre “Litexpo” on 2018.11.02-2018.11.03 from 9 AM until 22 PM. including Party, happening at venues “Loftas“ from 6PM until 4AM.
  • Event Territory – Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre “Litexpo”, and venues “Menų fabrikas”, “Loftas“, “Tamsta“.
  • Party – an open party that will happen at Arts fabric “Loftas“.
  • Event ticket – a ticket for an event “GameOn 2018” purchased on the platforms “Tiketa“, “Ticketpro“, “Bilesu paradize“ or “XING Events“.
  • Third party – booth builders, booth owners, food providers.
  • Visitor – individual who owns a ticket of GameOn and has entered the Territory of the Event on the basis of it.


1.2 General provisions

  • By buying a ticket and visiting the territory of the Event a visitor indicates that they have familiarized with the rules of the event and agree to uphold them.
  • The Organizer has the right to change these Rules at its own discretion.
  • Any legal conflict arising from these Rules is regulated by the laws of the Lithuanian Republic and belongs to a competent decision of court held in the city of Kaunas.


2. Tickets

2.1. General provisions

  • Tickets of the event are distributed by:
    • UAB “Tiketa“ via and physical cash registers
    • “Ticketpro“ via
    • “Bilesu paradize“ via
    • “XING Events“ via

2.2. “XING Events“ and “MeetToMatch“ platforms

  • XING is distribution platform of the Event’s business tickets. The general terms of usage of „XING Events“ platform are presented here:
  • Tickets of the Event are not returned or exchanged, except in the case of the event being cancelled or moved to other date.
  • Depending on where the ticket was bought, the refunds are taken care of by Tiketa, Ticketpro, Bilesu paradize and XING EVENTS. Fees and service fees are not refunded.
  • Owners of business tickets may participate in “MeetToMatch” networking event 2018.11.02-2018.11.03 from 10 AM until 6 PM. The organiser has the right to share the general information of the participant, including name, surname, company name, e-mail address from the systems of “XING Events” and “MeetToMatch” so the Participant would be able to register and create an account on “MeetToMach” platform.
  • By buying business tickets Participants agree that the aforementioned information will be used on “MeetToMatch” system. More information about operation terms and privacy policy of “MeetToMatch” can be found here:
  • Regarding the information of collected data or the removal of data from the databases, Participants may address the Organizer, “XING Events” and/or “MeetToMatch”.


3. Visiting the Event

3.1. Access and the rules of the territory of the Event

  • Entering the territory of the Event is only allowed with the ticket of the Event.
  • By entering the territory of the Event, Visitor agrees with the following rules of the Organizer and Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre “Litexpo”:
    • The Organizer is responsible for the territory of the Event during the time of the Event only.
    • In the territory of the Event, Visitors must uphold the rules and instructions provided by the Organizer or individuals authorized by the Organizer. The order and safety in the territory of the Event are safeguarded by security officers, Litexpo personnel, and volunteers. In case of strong violation of the rules, if the safety and/or health of Visitor is endangered, the authorized figures have the right to remove Visitor from the Event without providing refund for the ticket.
    • Visitors arousing doubt and suspicion to security staff may be searched near the entrance to the Event of having dangerous and or/not allowed materials or belongings.
    • Visitors refusing to be searched by security officers may not be allowed to enter the territory of the Event.
    • Every Visitor is responsible for their own health, life and the safety of their belongings.
    • Individuals under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will not be allowed to enter the territory of the Event.
  • Prohibitions:
    • To enter the official lodging and/or other rooms marked with signs indicating the places where the entrance is prohibited.
    • To bring alcohol, psychotropic materials, paint vials, fireworks, guns, and objects that might be used as guns, and other materials potentially dangerous to human health to the territory of the Event.
    • To bring own food and drinks to the Party of the Event.
    • To scale and climb walls and booth constructions, decorations, stair banisters and/or walls that are not adapted to it.
    • Bring animals to the territory of the Event.
    • To threaten, ruin, harass, harm, abuse, intimidate or discriminate the Visitors and participants of the Event in any way.
    • To demonstrate sexual harassment, aggressive behaviour, or racism.
    • To wear offensive clothing or symbols.
    • To drink alcoholic beverages for individuals who are under 20 years old.
    • To sell alcoholic beverages to individuals under 20 years old.
    • To drink energetic beverages for individuals under 18 years old.
    • To smoke any type of cigarettes (including electronic cigarettes) in places not suited for it.
    • To be under the influence of drugs or hallucinogens. Individuals caught in the act of selling such materials, will be asked to leave territory of the Event, police will be informed of their actions of which criminal responsibility might be facing them.
    • To advertise other events or products by sharing flyers and/or selling objects without a written permission (contract) of the Organizer.
    • Selling is prohibited in the territory of the Event without a written permission (contract) of the Organizer.
    • To damage property that belongs to the Organizer,  companies employed by the Organizer, or Visitors. This includes glueing stickers and/or spraying paint. Any damage suffered will be reported to the police.

The personnel of the Event is authorized by the Organizer of the Event and has the right to decide whether the aforementioned rules are violated.  The violation of the rules of the Event will cause the infringer to be removed from the Event without refunding the ticket costs.

  • Visitor age restrictions:
    • Only individuals of 18 years old or older are allowed to enter the Party of the Event.
    • The Visitor may be asked to show the document confirming their age (ID card, passport, driving license) while entering the territory of the Event.
  • Recording during the Event
    • Professional filming and/or photography for media outlets and/or broadcasts is strictly forbidden in the territory of the Event during the time of the Event without the permission of the Organizers of the Event in advance.  
    • Visitor agrees on being taken pictures of, filmed and recorded during the time of the Event. By entering the Event the Visitor agrees that the material related with them may be used for commercial purposes.
  • The Organizer and the staff working for the Organizer do not take any responsibilities for damage suffered by Visitors or third parties, including property damage or injuries for:
    • Violation of at least one point of the Rules.
    • Cases of Theft
    • Loud noise
    • Being close to the stage
  • Lost and found objects will be kept at the headquarters of the Organizer for two weeks after the Event. The organizer has the right to dispose of these objects after the time has passed.

3.2. Responsibility of the third parties

  • The Organizer is not responsible for the damage suffered through third parties including:
    • Poisoning
    • Injury

3.3. Changes of the programme and speakers of the Event

  • The Organizer has the right to modify the time of the programme of the Event and add additional content or speakers without any notice in advance.
  • The Organizer is not responsible for the shows and announcements cancelled by the artists and guests of the Event.


4. Copyright

4.1. The materials published by the Organizer (texts, pictures, icons, photos, sound and video recordings) during the time of the Event and on the Website are the copyrighted works of the Organizer and belong to the Organizer without a right to be used by third parties. If the rules do not specify otherwise or you do not have a written permission of the Organizer, it is forbidden:

  • To adjust, recreate, save, distribute, print, show, perform, publish or create new creations using any part of the Website and its contents.


5. Protection of personal data

5.1. The protection of personal data is based on „TeleSoftas“ Privacy policy.

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