Meet To Match

How does Meet To Match work?

MeetToMatch is much more than just an online meeting manager: When your account is set, a personal matchmaker is assigned who puts time and effort into getting your meeting invitations accepted. The matchmaker will guide you through the process with the aim of getting you the most relevant meetings as possible.

A couple of months before the event, the online meeting manager is opened, which eventually contains all the participants of MeetToMatch, including a profile and explanation of what each participant is looking for.

The meeting manager is user-friendly and does not require much explanation. Just log-in, complete your profile and start using it intuitively. Use the meeting manager to find potential business partners and set-up appointments. You can instantly see who is available at what timeslot, so you only have to make an attractive introduction through the meeting manager. Within the online meeting manager, you are allowed to plan meetings up until and even during the event.

The meetings are held at a separate location at the venue, only accessible to participants of MeetToMatch. At that location either a space with the meeting, tables are prepared for you to meet with potential business partners, or you can meet at predefined meeting points around the venue. Your personal agenda will always show the meeting location for each specific meeting.

Step 1 – Register online

Early registration increases your chance to find potential partners.

Step 2 – Create your online profile

Present your company projects and services to show the world why you are the best! A personal matchmaker will be assigned to you.

Step 3 – Organize your agenda

Use the online meeting system to plan your meetings. Invite possible partners or accept received invitations to meet on-site. Block time-slots for lunch or that conference session you wanted to see.

Step 4 – Personalized match-making

After you reached out to interesting companies, your matchmaker might help you getting that declined meeting request accepted, or suggest additional potential partners.

Step 5 – The meetings

Use the 30-minute meetings on-site to exchange ideas or pitch your product.

Step 6 – Fill in the gaps

Last minute meetings can be arranged by the matchmaker on-site or you can visit conference sessions.

Step 7 – Network

Be present in the MeetToMatch arena to meet unexpected new contacts. Socialize at the bar and the party.

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